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Visa Approved!

Visa Approved!

Your Visa Approval is Our Ultimate Goal!

Admitted Stamp

Admitted Stamp

We want to be able to travel freely and enjoy being freely admitted back in the U.S

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Nationwide & International Assistance

  • Family-Based Petitions

  • Employment-Based Petitions

  • Investment-Based Petitions

  • Education-Based Petitions

  • Persecution/Asylum Petitions

  • General Immigration Advice 

  • Path to Legalization and Gainful Employment

  • Educational & Housing Programs

  • Business Opportunities

  • Cultural Assimilation Programs

  • Opportunities to Network With Fellow Compatriots and Others Groups

  • Resources Connecting Immigrants w/ Loved Ones 


To Assist a Great Percentage of the Plethora of Displaced Immigrants... acts as a morally-sound and professional non-profit organization that matches Refugees, Migrants and Other Immigrants with the ideal resources that will allow them to better assimilate into a new society or community. We match them with cost-effective immigration, housing, and employment services so that they will adjust as seamlessly as possible. Lately, there has been a plethora of immigrants arriving to America & other developed nations via various channels as a result of wars, politics or poverty. Thus, the need to be our brothers' or sisters' keepers has never been greater. In a nutshell, our mission is to effectively work with all useful resources in order to catalyze the best possible outcomes. 

Our People Will Amaze You!

Our Motto

To Provide Compassionate  Resources for Immigration Services & Other Related Services.

We'll be here for you when you will need our help the most... we won't stop until you read the following word: APPROVED!


Refugee Immigration Advocates Inc. Team

UMBRELLA: CACANA - 501 (c) (3) -

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Contact Us


INTAKE MANAGER:    (773) 372-9656

                                    (407) 955-3534


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