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Your Immigration Career Starts Here

Our non-profit immigration assistance firm focuses on the one thing on which true human performance can be based. That's right, you probably guessed it well, THE HUMAN ELEMENT. We know that immigration solutions are truly people solutions, and we need unique and talented individuals as means to that end. Accordingly, if you believe in your talents/yourself, please do not hesitate to email us your resume at:

Lawyers and Other Professionals


Our affiliated lawyers work either for a remuneration or Pro Bono in conjunction with other immigration professionals, case managers and other associates in order to facilitate simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. The atmosphere is always cordial and respect for our team and clients are essentially a given!

Please don't hesitate so submit your resume with the subject "REFUGEE IA CANDIDATE" at the email provided above.

Law Students /
Summer Interns


Whether you are  Pre-Law Student1-L (First Year Law Student); 2-L (2nd Year Law Student); > 3-L (3rd Year Law Student) or even a Part-Time Law Student, by now, you know that EXPERIENCE does matter. It is the chicken vs. egg case.


You need experience to get the job, but you can't get experience unless you get the job. Well, the best solution to this issue is interning with an experienced affiliated firms.

Case Managers & Translators


Case managers act as the interface between the clients via the intakes and the affiliated firms and use their zeal, skills and dedication to making a things run like a "well-oiled machine". Should you ever become one of our cases managers or translators, you will have had the opportunity to work with a elite group of immigration professionals of various walks of life who will have made you so proud to be working in the immigration field. The secret is in our dedication to truly assist people in reaching lasting immigration solutions.

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