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Legal Experience


Are Your ANXIOUS about the Current U.S. Immigration Reforms?
¿Estás ansioso por las reformas actuales de Inmigración?
Etes-vous inquiet des réformes de l'Immigration actuelle?
Èske refòm Imigrasyon aktyèl yo ap trakasew?
We Can Help You Achieve Your Dream of being LEGAL & Prosperous Here!
Podemos ayudarte a lograr tu sueño de ser legal y próspero aquí!
Nous pouvons vous aider à réaliser votre rêve d'être légal et prospère ici!
Nou ka ede ou reyalize rèv ou pou ka vin legal e pwospere o etazini!


We work well with the USCIS (immigration department) so we can work well for you!

Visa Approved!

Visa Approved!

Your Visa Approval is Our Ultimate Goal!

Admitted Stamp

Admitted Stamp

We want to be able to travel freely and enjoy being freely admitted back in the U.S



Nationwide & International Assistance

Family-Based Petitions

Employment-Based Petitions

Investment-Based Petitions

Education-Based Petitions

Persecution/Asylum Petitions

General Immigration Advice etc.


Only in New York and Florida

Personal Injury


Intellectual Property



General Advice and Referrals

Our People Will Amaze You!

Bruce Plesser
Bruce Plesser

EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY: Mr. Bruce Plesser has 30+ Years of Legal Experience in Various Legal Practice Areas.

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Dr. Pete Lorins
Dr. Pete Lorins

CASE MANAGER: Dr. Pete Lorins is a Multi-Industry Entrepreneur with Doctoral Credentials in Education, Engineering, Law and Medicine.

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Our Legal Team
Our Legal Team

Our legal team not only covers Immigration cases in ALL 50 STATES, but also covers non-immigration and immigration cases in New York and Florida.

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Our Motto

A Resourcefully Compassionate Law Firm

Led by our founding attorney, and amplified by the plethora of partners, associates, case managers, paralegals, and friends with whom our team have worked and will have worked, we aspire to empathize with each client's situation on a case-by-case basis. We want to work with you diligently as to help you solve even the most difficult of legal issues.

We'll be here for you when you will need our help the most... we won't stop until you read the following word: APPROVED!


Bruce A. Plesser

Founding Partner

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ATTORNEY: (727) 421-9784

ATTORNEY'S EMAIL: bruceplesser@gmail.com


CASE MANAGER:    (773) 372-9656

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CASE MANAGER'S EMAIL: Recruit@RapidGigsPlus.com

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