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Should Black America or America at Large be Concerned with Biden's Open Border Policy?

As an Immigrant and Immigrant advocate, who is now a naturalized American, I have had to minimize my biases in order to analyze all sides of America's ongoing and recent immigration crises. Needless to say, it has not been an easy task especially considering all human minds (especially untrained ones) are exposed to confirmation biases. I have allowed myself to communicate with both people that agree and disagree with me without being disagreeable. I have empathized with all sides and recently even attended a forum with Black American leaders and influencers who are very concerned with President Biden's open-border policy. I was told that others were too afraid to face them, but I was not because the underlying reason why I do anything at this point of my life is LOVE because GOD is LOVE!

I will be sharing a video on the recent forum that I attended as a subject matter expert about the effect of massive immigration on Black America below, but at this time would like to shed lights on some major underlying themes that generally present in immigration matters:





Most human-beings are somewhat affected by XENOPHOBIA (i.e., fear for strangers). It is from a primitive gene which was there to help us remain proactive against strangers as a universal precaution to prevent potential harms. However, not all strangers are dangerous. Yet, in order to self-protect, it is prudent to properly vet strangers prior to putting our guards down because their status of being strangers imply that we don't know their propensities.

Accordingly, nearly every immigrant group had been discriminated against (e.g., Italians, Irishmen/women, Africans, Asians) at some point. This XENOPHOBIA can be related to existing propaganda or stereotypes about specific groups of immigrants, which are then viewed as norm disruptors. Black Americans often discriminate against Black immigrants and vice versa. Whites often discriminate against either newly arrived Whites or Whites that are from rural areas. And Whites have historically discriminated against Blacks and other non-Whites particularly in their roles as former colonizers using a DIVIDE & CONQUER approach to even divide people of the same race through highlighting any differences that are known to exist among them.

This is why, personally, since I love myself so much, I don't allow hatred to enter my heart against any other human-beings, particularly those that look like me. Often, people follow certain religions, but don't apply their doctrine. For instance, a basic doctrine of Christianity is to be one's "brother's or sister's keeper", yet far too many Christians fall way short of the latter, particularly considering the issue of immigration.

NEVERTHELESS - unfairness must be identified -- Black Americans, and especially Foundational Americans (i.e., those whose ancestors helped build America free of charge) can make a compelling case about different periods in which others that came were given free access to many American resources all while they continued to live in deplorable neighborhoods. As of recently, many "BIDEN IMMIGRANTS" who have arrived to America are perceived to receive excellent treatment from the government that rub Black Americans the wrong way. Moreover, while a great percentage of immigrants are decent human-beings, many of them will come with unique vices. Thus, with an exponential increase in immigration comes an exponential increase in problematic immigrants that will occupy Black areas which usually are the ones that they can afford. Moreover, many Black Americans feel that resources that could have gone to them are being routed to such immigrants.

HOWEVER - in the midst of chaos, there are also opportunities. African Americans should use the arrival of immigrants as an and particularly Black immigrants as an opportunity to debunk the stereotypes that were shared to such immigrants by educating them about their own version of American history and learn from the Immigrants all while the Immigrants will learn from them. Subsequently, they can build strong bonds and communities through synergistic endeavors. After all, the difference between African Americans and those other Black immigrants is that the former is disenfranchised in America while the latter is disenfranchised abroad. Thus, like the Latinos (e.g., Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Columbians...), they can form one large community that truly support Black needs and create Black Wealth. The latter is an approach to reconcile differences to create opportunities in the midst of chaos.

But, undoubtedly, the Biden Open Border immigration policies will create more complex issues, not mention "BRAIN-DRAINING" the immigrants' native countries of their best intellectuals. While immigrants have historically helped build this country, America will err if it opts to forget about the children of "Foundational (forced) Immigrants" who came to America against their own will. Many of them hold a negative view of Africans as they were told that Africans had sold them to Whites. But the latter is a perfect example of DIVIDE & CONQUER to create hatred or even self-hatred against groups that would have been a lot stronger working together by making their communities a financial warehouse instead of being primarily consumers that make other communities wealthier.

Politically speaking, Blacks should not be glued to one political party. As one commercial went, "when banks compete you win". Well, when political parties get to compete for the Black vote, the party or parties that have delivered the most during its tenure should be the one that Blacks should vote for the most. Giving a "carte blanche" to one particularly party is both intellectually and entrepreneurially reckless.




Although I have only perused the latter, I would like to share some notable topics that it covers that should catalyze your curiosity on the effect of immigration on the Black community (especially if you're Black, or love Black people, or close to a Black person, or care about Black plight) so that you will never be surprised if you're ever understandably confronted on the issue of Immigration by a Foundational Black American:

  • Immigration's Role With Other Wealthy Transfer Factors (p. 276)

  • Brain Drain And The Discrimination Against Upward Mobility of Blacks Into The Professions (p. 267)

  • Minimum Policy Standard: First Do No Harm To Black Workers (p. 260)

  • Inequality at End Of Two Centuries (2020) (p. 247)

  • Black Wealth Gap With Immigrants (p. 72)

  • Individual Immigrants Not To Blame (p. 5)

  • The Disappearing Black Workers of New York, D.C., and Miami (p. 141)

  • Affirmative Action Against Blacks (p. 191)

  • 1965 Act "Accidentally" Renews Mass Immigration (p. 113)

  • False Promises of Little Immigration Increase (p. 118)

  • Choices For a More Equitable Future (p. 253)

  • The Great Reversal & More Inequality (After 1970) (p. 283)

There are other topics, but I highly recommend the above provided topics.

This article was edited by Dr. Pete Lorins. And sponsored by 

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